New WhatsApp Tricks For iPhone You Must Know In 2020

WhatsApp Tricks For iPhoneEither you are an android user or iPhone Whatsapp replaced the SMS service.

At least for contacts. Nowadays nobody use SMS for chatting. WhatsApp Brought new change from the last decade.

There are a lot of tricks & Cheats about Whatsapp that you must know. Knowing them will help to become a pro user of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Tricks does not mean Functions of Whatsapp. Tricks meant some life hacks that can help you.

Some hacks will work on android phones too but Most of them are only for iPhone users. If you prefer watching Video thenI have created video. Scroll down if you would like to consume text content.

Best WhatsApp Tricks for iPhone users

Read Messages Without Showing Bluetick (I’m not talking about Read Recipient)

You know that if you turn off Read Recipient then another person will have no clue either you read his/her message or not. But turning off meaning you will also not able to know.

So here to a method to bypass it. It works only for messages, not for multimedia

  • Hold the Chat. It will show you Preview. Now you can read messages without letting them know. read messange without letting them know
  • Viewing Messages By Notification is another great idea. Hold the Notification to elaborate the message.

What If Another person Turn on Read Recipient (Bypass Read Recipient)

People do it for privacy reasons. But there is a way to bypass it that is so easy. Send him/her an audio recording. If a person is play the audio then you will see Bluetick

I have tried Photo and Video but it works only for Audio. Send Empty Audio if there is no point to talk in your mind. Here is proof.

bypass read Recipient whatspp trick

Sending Original Files on WhatsApp Without Compressing

Back in the day. Whatsapp was amazing app because I was able to send photos/videos using 2g network very quickly. But fast forward to today I want to send or receive original files in HD quality. For most people internet speed is no longer a problem.

You can do it by creating documents. I mean pdf. No doubt Whatsapp compress Pdf. But it does not affect quality like it affects photos.

I assume you probably know about it but if not then watch this video.

@iharinderpreetSend Original Files through whatsapp via iPhone ##iphone ##iphone11 ##iphone6s ##whatsapp ##whatsappchats##technology

♬ Pump – Valentino Khan

Listen to Audio Recording Before Sending

There is no default way to listen to the audio before sending it. What if you recording audio something important but you want to double confirm before sending it.

On iPhone users can do it easily. While recording Swipe Up it to Top then Go to Home screen by gestures. Use Button if you have an older iPhone.

Next time when you open WhatsApp again you will your Recording. You can listen before sending or delete it if you don’t like it. Here is the screenshot.

Whatsapp tricks for iPhone users

Hide Chat

Archive Chat is an amazing way to  Hide Chats from the Main screen. The easiest way to Archive Chat is Swipe Chat from Left to Right.

Chose Archive or Scrolling Again. The Biggest use of Archive for me is it is really helpful while taking a screenshot or video Recording.

Getting chat back is super easy. Scroll down You will see Arcbeive Chat Option. Click on it. All chats will available here that you Hide. Long Swipe Left To Right.Hide chat in iPhone

Hide Photos from Gallery

I know a lot of people who are part of a lot of groups. In these groups, people share memes, Funny videos, news, etc. If you are one of them or you don’t receive multiple photos/videos on WhatsApp that you don’t want to show in Camera Roll then this trick will save your life.

You don’t need a lot of steps for this. Go to Whatsapp settings→Chats. Here Turn off the Save to Camera Roll. This will affect only upcoming photos and videos. Downloading will not save in the Camera Roll. (Image 1)

But if you want to Save All Photos from Specific contact.

Open that person/ Group Profile and Click on Save to Camera Roll. Select Always.  Before it should Be Default as shown in the screenshot. (Image 2)

But if you want to save a specific Picture/Video in the Gallery.

Very simple, open that file from chats and click on Share Button then chose Save to Photos. (Image 3)

Hide Photos for Not Showing in Gallery

Send Automated Reply To All or Specific Contacts Only

If you receive a lot of birthday wishes then you automate the process of sending thank you. To-Do this You need to use Whatsapp Business.

In case you don’t know Basically this app is created for business to Provide Support on Whatsapp to their Customers. In Business Settings you Will Feature of Send Away Message. It can automatically Reply to Everyone who messages you?

Turn on the Send Away and Customize Message. By Default it for everyone. So Don’t forget to change it.

Don’t Waste Time in Checking Whatsapp Again Use Custom Notification

I know that you know about this feature. But you are not using it. Everyone’s message is not important to read instantly. So if you don’t want to get distracted by any random message.

Then set Custom Notification for important contacts or you can custom notification who always sends you unnecessary messages. Here are the steps if you don’t want

Open that Person Profile Change tone from Custom Tone.Custom Notification whatsapp trick

Mute can useful if a person sends you unnecessary messages. Mute is available above the Custom Tone.

Save Status 

There are two types of status. The first one is Text that appears under DP.

Hold your thumb on it to copy it.

Photo/Video Status

Take a screenshot or Video Recording in known by everyone. But in this method (you can find it complicated) You will save without name on the screen and Reply Text.

Here are steps But you probably don’t want to do it 😂.

You need a computer for this. We need to use the Whatsapp web.

After login Click on the circle that is divided into 3 parts to View All status. View the Status that you want to save.

If it is an image then right-click on it and Chose Save Image.

In Case You also want to save video and unable to understand anything then here I write an article with screenshots

Change Font (it is Beyond Bold, italic, strikethrough)

A few years ago Whatsapp added feature to type text in Bold italic and strikethrough. If you don’t know how to do it then check this screenshot.

font style basic
* for Bold ~ for strikethrough and _ for italic

For MonoSpace

type “`Text Here “`

I’m talking about taking it to the next level like this

It is done by third party Keyboard App Better Fonts. After installing it Go to Settings→General→Keyboard→New keyboard then select Better Fonts as I did in the screenshot. If you don’t get any option of Betterfonts keyboard. Then open the app.

When you want to type in the Fancy Font Hold 🌐and scroll down to Better Fonts keyword.

There are plenty of fonts available in this app. Click on F to Get more Fonts. Here are is Demo of different fonts.better fonts

If you don’t want to use any Keyboard then use Text designer App. Here you will type something then it will convert text into different Text styles instantly.

Enable Dark Code

Whatsapp Finally added the Dark Mode feature. You don’t need to do anything special. Make sure your App is Up to Date and Enable Dark mode from Settings→Display * Brightness and Chose Dark Mode.

That’s it. Open WhatsApp it is dark mode Now. In the previous versions system, the dark mode was unable to change Whatsapp Mode.


I try to cover all hidden Whatsapp tricks for iPhone users. I have may YouTubers and bloggers are writing about WhatsApp features instead of providing some cool tricks. I hope this article will help you.

Anyway, tell me what is your favorite trick. Which trick do you like most? Leave by the Comment section.

If you face any problem meaning unable to understand something the let us know by the comment section. I will happy to assist you.

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