How To Save WhatsApp Status On iPhone 2020

WhatsApp is the Best Messaging App over the internet. A few years ago, WhatsApp Introduced the Status feature, which is similar to Snapchat Stories. A Photo, text or Video will appear for 24 hours.

You can’t save WhatsApp status directly, But you do it with some tweaks. On Android, it is pretty easy, But iPhone operating system IOS is not open source like Android. But still, there are 3 methods to download Whatsapp status.

I have tested these ways iPhone 11 latest version IOS 13. So Don’t worry No matter how older or new your phone these things still works

These are three ways to save status

Using Screen Recording or Screenshot

Ask your Contacts to forward

Using WhatsApp Web

You Can Follow Anyone, but a lot of Users go with the first method.

Using ScreenRecording or Screenshot

Watch Video or Scroll Down if you prefer like reading

  1. The Easiest and common way of saving screenshot is Taking Screenshot. Press Volume UP Button with Side Button to take a screenshot
  2. Then Hold the Screenshot to share it with Others. If your plain to share again on WhatsApp, then you can Crop it While Sending or Posting. Crop name and Reply Text From Top & bottom To make it Orginal.

How to Save video Status

  1. The first step is to Enable Video Recording. There is a default inbuild screen recorder available in the iPhone. Go to Settings→Control Centre→Customize Controls to Add in Controls.
  2. Scroll down Click on the ➕icon of Screen Recording
  3. Now you are ready to Go. Open WhatsApp enables recording from Controls. It takes 3 seconds to start. When Done click on the Time at Top left corner. Its color will be changed if phone is recording screen (Watch Above TikTok Video if you didn’t understand)
  4. The Video will automatically be saved in Photos. You will also get a notification that Video is saved in Photos.
  5. Either Click Notification or Go to Photos App open the Video to Edit video. Crop your Video to remove unnecessary details like Name, Reply etc. when Done Chose Save Button.
  6. Do Whatever you Want to Do with the Video.

Ask Your Contacts To Forward

Sometimes We don’t want to show that we saved this Video from status.  So send a WhatsApp message to forward you. He/she can send if it is not a personal image.

Let’s assume that you can’t do it But you can use Middle man, especially android user because the android users can save status easily. A lot of apps are available in the play store to save WhatsApp status.

It is the Best way because, in the end, you are getting original File. It can be really helpful if person uploaded a Long video as multiple statuses.

Either you can save both Video files By First way and then combine using an Editor like iMovie.  But the opposite is to asking or using Middle man

Using WhatsApp Web

Having Computer Either Window or Mac will make your Job easy.

Log in your account in the WhatsApp Web and Open status from Circle that is divided into 3 parts. Click on that Status that you want to save. If it is an image file, then right-click on it and Chose Save Image.whatsapp web status saving

A few years ago, WhatsApp released Web Version Software for both Mac and windows. I never used it because there is no single benefit of installing instead of getting unwanted notification.

What About Videos

The Right-click method does not work for Videos. Here are steps

  • Right Click and Chose Play in Picture Mode
  • Then Close Status But don’t close Tab. If you don’t It will cause unnecessary sound in the background.
  • Let Video to Complete till the end. While playing you can resize the window to get video in good quality. Press Command+Shift+5. It will open Video Recording.
  • Adjust the size. Take a look at the screenshot. Don’t forget to Turn Microphone on. Open Options to Do that.
  • When Ready click on Record Button and play the Video
  • Chose Stop from menu bar to stop the recording. Your video will be saved in Desktop Folder.

I know you are probably thinking why should I use this complicated process instead of using a screenshot on my iPhone. In this method, there will not No name at the top of the Video and Reply Button.

WhatsApp web is not the best option. The person posted a write a status. Using this you can save only Photos and videos

The method that is working Not Anymore

using WhatsApp++: This is a moded app available in the tutu app (In Case you don’t know what is tutuapp basically its app store of moded apps)

I try to use it. I delete the original WhatsApp and install ++ version then verified Mobile Number. But this app does not Recognize any contacts. At the top of the screen, It keeps buffering Showing Connecting. I try to get contacts from New Chat But there was no contact is available.

So I immediately uninstall it and start using the original app.


I try to provide every method that I know. I hope you like ideas about saving Whatsapp status. In Android, you can easily do it.  If you face any problem or you have your way of downloading status, then let us know by the comment section.

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