Racing Games For Apple Tv: Must Play In 2020

Games on tv is not a new idea. But having smart tv mean You have the ability to play more premium games that were not possible in the last decade.

Apple TVs are one of the most premium quality TVs in the world. If you own one of them and looking for amazing games to play on Apple tv then you are the right page.

This is one of the most researched article that I publish on iHarinder blog. Most of the games are availlable for other operating system like android, IOS etc. Basically when these games gain success on these devices developer created for apple system.

Some Games are free and while few of them are paid. But cost is not high.

Best Racing Games For Apple TV 2020

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Price: Free/ In-App Purchases Rating: 4.7

Not a lot of companies survive when they are in a specific industry for a long time. Gameloft is one of them. Asphalt is one of the most successful racing games that played on any device iPhone, android, Tv, iPad, etc.

It is a free game rated 4.7 by 126.4 users. Overall 350 million people played this game. Asphalt is received multiple awards. With Stunning graphics, it is one of the best games to play on 4k devices.

If you have no idea about what I talking about.  Asphalt is a Sportscar racing game. Check this Quick Video.

Game Features

  • Amazing Graphics
  • Multiplayer
  • Can be played by Controller
  • A Great Choice over tracks and Cars

The game is very old but Gameloft keeps it updating.  It is a free game but inside the game, there are a lot of in-app purchases available

2. Hill Climb Racing

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.6

Like asphalt, it is one of the oldest games. Probably you have played it on your iPhone, Android devices.

Luckily it is available for Apple Tv, unlike other games. If never played Hill Climb then watch the following video. Because it is diffcult to explain by words.

This game is free. The company makes money by in-app purchases. Users can Buy coins and use them to unlock new cars, Stages, or upgrade the vehicle.

3. Table Top Racing: World Tour

Price: $2.99 Rating: 4.1

If you are looking for a game to race with other cars then this game is for you. All Cars are run on the trackpad.

Unlike Asphalt 8 If your car hits anything then within a few seconds, You will get the car on the track. tabletop racing can great game for beginners.

There are a lot of styles of races available like Timelapse, Pure Race (Compete with others), Find your Enemy on Track and Hit him from the back.

The game earning Model is Hill Climb. Table Top Racing can be used to play in free time. The game size is 3 GB.

4. Crossy road

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.6

Some of you don’t agree with me that this isn’t a racing game. In Crossy road gamer have to Cross the road. On the road, a lot of vehicles keep traveling. The player should not hit any of them.

The game keeps getting tougher as you unlock new levels. I highly suggest everyone watch the following video.

The game can be played with tv remote only. This is a family game. People like to play with their children.

Game Features

  • Multiplayer Game
  • Family Game
  • Multiple Characters

5. Hovercraft: Getaway

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.5

Unlike the Above game, the Hovercraft racing idea is totally unique. It is a combat racing game.

Where police cars will player car. Your Job is not to get caught by the police. You can use a machine gun to destroy a police car.

Like Temple Run keep playing as you can. Hovercraft is a single-player game. As you play for a long time you will see a police truck which is diffcult to destroy.

Hovercraft: Getaway apple tv game

The player can only control the direction of the vehicle. Machine gun fire, speed, etc is automated. If a police car hits you it will decrease your car health. By Default, the health level is 100%.

On zero percentage the game will over. With this, you have also protect your vehicle from not hitting any substance.

May be game seems straight-forward looks simple but it isn’t

6. AG Drive

Price: $3 Rating: 4.6

This game isn’t available in a lot of countries. ag drive is one of the most thrilling game available for apple tv.

It can be played with Remote and controller as well. In the game, players control a rocket. The track isn’t ground. There are a lot of curves, up and downs available in the game.

This is an amazing game for those who are looking for fast speed and there are plenty of exciting moments.

The graphics are incredible. The thing that I don’t like about this game is choice over vehicles. There are only 3 vehicles available

7. Beach Buggy Racing

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.5

Nothing is New in Buddy racing. But this game has one of the best graphics as compare with other games.Especially accidents seen. Everything seems so perfect.

The player has no control over speed. Users can only control moving left or right. Either you can use gravity or gestures.

Whenever you run out of track then you get back to track within seconds. There are multiple racing tasks like

  • Normal Racing who complete the race first will be a winner
  • Race against the clock
  • A long face where you should be Number at a certain time

It is a very long time. Unlike most games, you can even charge the driver. Every driver has own specialty.

Game features

  • Multiplayer choice
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Great choice over tracks, car, and Drivers

8. Rush Rally 3

Price: $4.99 Rating: 4.6

If you want to feel like real racing then Rush Rally 3 is for you. User has great control over cameras. My favorite is from inside the car. It seems like real driving. Especially when you are playing the game on the big screen of your tv.

But to score high it isn’t great. The user has a great choice over the tracks. On some tracks, You can get AI moving cars from the opposition side.

On your screen, you will see your position, speed, Break, etc. Whenever there is a curve there will be a hint at the top of the middle screen.

Rush Rally 3

The moral is Spending money on this game is worth it. If you are looking to getting entertainment by this game.

9. Real Racing 3

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.8

I was thinking rush really seems real until I didn’t discover Real Racing 3. I’m just kidding because I have to write something catchy 😁.

But no doubt Game graphics are seemed so real. If you don’t believe me play the following video.

Real Racing 3 can played offline and online with other players. Users can even play with your friends.

If you still doubt check user reviews. Everybody is writing Best car simulations. This isn’t new it is an old game. But EA swiss Sarl which is the publisher of the game keeps it updating.

Not only for Apple Tv real racing 3 is very popular for iPhone and Android as well.

10. Minion Rush

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.5

Another popular game by Gameloft. Minion Rush is like Subway Surf, Temple run games. As the game name suggests that you will control minion cartoon character. Once a character gain success then you will see it every. In movies, games, tv-series, etc. Like Angry birds game Minion also got huge success.

Graphics are amazing especially character emotions. Unlike Subway Surf minion run on the roads and footpath. Cars and buses are coming from the opposite side. Make sure you don’t hit any of them.

Minion rush game for apple tv

No Doubt Minion Rush is a better temple run and subway surf. Probably one of the Best action-adventure game.

11. Impulse GP

Price: Free/In-App Purchase Rating: 4.2

Last game that I want to list here. Unlike other games, players control a bike. Its tracks contain a lot of curves, ups & downs, etc.

Like bb Racing, there are so many different races that you can play. You will see your opposite player compete with you to win the game. These are bots inbuilt the game.

It can be entertaining for those who want bikes running at super speed.


No doubt, playing games on a bigger screen has own advantage. Today everybody has so much choice over thousands of games.

There are a lot of games available that I didn’t cover. It is not possible to cover all the games I just tried to cover which are highly liked by most populations

But if you think that I miss an amazing game then let me know by the comment section. So others can know about it.

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