New Hilarious Apple iPhone Memes 2020: 100% True

Love it or hate it. But you can’t ignore Apple. Some people like it and some hate it. Well, According to me Apple devices can use if you afford them. But Apple memes are my all-time favorite mems.

From the last 2-3 years, I have seen Apple memes especially about the iPhone are on the peak. Especially when a new iPhone is launched.

I have tried to find some Funny memes about Apple. Some are about the latest 11 model. While most of them are for all Apple iPhones. I hope you will like them.

Best iPhone Memes 2020

iPhone x memes funnyandroid vs Apple  iPhone meme

iPhone vs android
A man bought 99 iPhones and arranged them in a heart to propose to his girlfriend, and she still said no. Because she knows that android is better
samsung vs Apple iPhone meme
A Boy with Samsung and girl with iPhone can never be friends
iPhone user selfie meme
iPhone selfie meme
iPhone user selfie meme
90% of the iPhone selfies are taken in front of the mirror Else, How will people know that they have an iPhone
iPhone meme
Dad, What is Brian? We don’t know son. We are iPhone users
iPhone user selfie pic
How iPhone users Take Selfie

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