Facetime Video Calling App For Window Free Download?

Looking for ways to install FaceTime on Windows?  Facetime is a great app for VOIP ( Voice over IP) and videotelephony, developed by Apple Inc. Its app is inbuilt in Apple devices, like the iPhone Mac and iPod. FaceTime support group video calls and audio calls with up to 32 people, totally free.

Apple Introduce FaceTime in Conjunction with iPhone 4 on June 24, 2010. Apple bought facetime name from a company called facetime communication, then the company renamed its company Actiance In.

FaceTime video calling app for Window free download

Facetime, at the beginning (Mid-2013), working only on a wifi connection. In iOS 6, Facetime for iPhone and iPods Supported Facetime calls over the cellular network (3G, LTE). Anyone who enjoys facetime on the iOS platform also likes to enjoy it on other platforms like Windows, Androids. Because it is great up for communication.

Can you Install Facetime on Microsoft Windows?

No, Facetime only supported Apple devices, not other platforms like Windows and Android. Because of Its product of Apple Inc. Apple doesn’t want other devices to use its product.

On the internet, you can find so many fake websites with a tutorial for installing facetime on the window or android phone. After reading this article, you have two choices

  1. Waste your time on these websites then realize that there is nothing like it.
  2. Trust us. Use Try free Alternative that we recommending

There are a lot of smart people in the world you can create a copy of facetime But it’s not worth it.

Best Alternative to Facetime

Let’s face it. All the alternatives are better than facetime. Because Apple is more focused on the iPhone and other Apple products. Investing time and money in the facetime app does not worth it. So try it’s alternatives that are better than it.

Whatsapp: It has all features like video call, audio call. You can even send chat messages. Probably a lot of you have already installed on your system.

It can be used on windows using WhatsApp web But you can’t make calls through it. So check other alternatives that you can try.

Skype: Skype is the most popular video calling among professionals especially for business purposes. Like facetime, it is free to use. Another person must have an account to make a free video/audio call.

On top of that, You can even call any mobile number at some cheap courses. Skype is a Microsoft product and can be installed on any operating system.

Facebook Messenger: There are so many alternatives that are much better than facetime. But not a lot of people consider using them. You will have already an account on Facebook. So why not use to make calls.

Moreover, Computer users have no need to install any software, etc. Anybody can make calls using the Default Browser.  The only problem that can you face is privacy. After Canberra Bridge not a lot of people trust Facebook.

Other amazing Alternative

  • Line
  • we Chat
  • Viber
  • Instagram

These applications are like Facetime. You can download and install any of these apps, these apps are absolutely free and simple for use.


Facetime can be useful to make video calls if you haven’t installed any other app on your system. Other Video or Audio calling apps are much better than it.

Moreover, they can be installed on any system. While Facetime is Apple-specific only. So my final recommendation is to use it’s alternative.

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