Download Instagram Private Story on Android, Computer, iPhone

Wel all know that insta copy story feature from the Snapchat. But Today more than 500 million users use Instagram stories every day. Which was greater than Snapchat stories.

Download Instagram Private Story

You are on 500 million people who want to know how to download Instagram’s private story. No matter which device you are using. I cover tutorial for every device. Either you are android phone user, iPhone user or using Desktop.

Over the internet, there are so many websites claiming that anyone can save the private Instagram story. But I have tried all of these sites. No one works for private insta stories.

Why Instagram Don’t allow users To download stories?

Youtube, Instagram, FB are an intention-based business. More intention means more money. So if they allow users to save offline then less intention. They will lose money.

How to Save Private Instagram Story using Android Device

No matter Either you are using oppo, Vivo, one plus process is the same. In the play store there are a lot of apps availalbe that you can use to download private stories.

For this tutorial, I will use Story saver for Instagram. This amazing app can also help you save Feed photos and videos.

  1. When installing is completely launch the app.
  2. Click on Login with Instagram and login to your Instagram account. Don’t worry it is safe.
  3. On successful login, you will see this activity.
Instagram story downloader app for android
  1. Go to the account whose story you want to download.
  2. Make sure you under the story tab. If not change it. After that select Story that you want to save. Click on Download Icon.
tutorial for android

If you don’t like this app then you will a lot of alternatives in the play store. But by Story saver for Instagram, you can download feed photos/videos, Facebook photos, and videos.

Saving Story on Computer

The Best way of saving private stories is by using chrome extensions. First of all, you have to use the Chrome browser if you are not using install it the right away.

Then Add IG Stories for Instagram as shown in the screenshot.

Installing ig story for instagram on chrome

Go to Instagram and View the story that you want to download. As you see there is a download button of the top left. Click it, select the location where you want to save.

Download button for insta stories

Other Ways of Saving Stories

  1. After log in to your Instagram account open the story that you want to save.
  2. Right Click anywhere and Chose Save As Or Press Ctrl +S following command+s on Mac.
  3. Save the web page. Open it. In chrome and Firefox just you will get the list of downloaded items at the bottom you can even click on it.
  4. You will see something like this. Right-click on the image and Chose Save Image As…

If you find the above steps are complicated then you can use shortcut command+shift+4 to take a screenshot. After pressing it to drag over the Instagram story. Your picture will be saved on the desktop

Window users can use Alt + PrtScn to take a screenshot

What about Videos?

Window users can learn here How to Record screen

For Videos, you can Use a Screen recorder. on Mac press ctrl+shift+5. Select the area that you want to record. Make sure Audio recording is on. Check from options.

When ready click on the Record button. On the Completing video Click Dot icon from the menubar as shown in the screenshot.

You can edit it like cropping to make it more professional.

How iPhone Users can Save Private Story Easily

On iPhone saving Instagram is pretty easy. To save the public story you can use inSaver app. To Save Private Stories There is only one way.

Take Screenshot or Record Video

Probably you all know that you can take a screenshot by pressing the Volume up and side button.

To Save Videos You can Record Video

Go to Settingsāž”Control Centresāž”Customize Controls. Add Screen Recording.

Scroll Down To to bottom to Bring controls. You can use the dot menu to start the recording. When you want to stop recording click on time.

I will suggest you do some editing like cropping to make it better.


No doubt there is no direct way. You have no like the above methods that I have listed. But currently, these are the best ways. If I found any other working way I will immediately write about it.

Maybe a few of you already know about some cool ways. If you know then let us know by comment section. So it can help others. Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time for reading this article.

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