How To Download Facebook Videos on iPhone in 2020

Facebook is one of the oldest social network websites. I know there are older than FB, but these websites are not famous like Facebook. Still, after Huge competition from Tiktiok, Youtube, Instagram FB is still in-game. Especially from the last couple of years, when Facebook is pushing more videos in the facebook videos

More videos mean sometimes you probably like a video and want to download it. But Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want that you should download videos. Because if you download videos, then you will use his platform for a longer time.

That’s why there is no default button for saving videos offline. But don’t worry after reading this article you will able to download any video from the Facebook

My blog is all about Apple Products.  So methods that I’m providing will work on the iPhone don’t know about other devices.

How to Download FB video on iPhone Step By Step

Here I mean download is saving in the Camera Roll or Files. If you have a URL of the video, then you are good to go. There are a lot of websites, but I will show you a demo using Follow given simple steps.

  1. Click on Share of video that you want to save. Chose More options.
  2. Then choose Copy as shown in the screenshot.saving fb video iphone
  3. Open in any browser, as shown in the screenshot. Paste the URL that you have copied.
  4. After taking a few seconds website will show you download Buttons.
  5. On selecting download Button, You will see a popup like this. Chose the Download buttonfb downloading
  6. It will start downloading. The download process can be checked from  ⬇️ icon.
  7. Once completed, the video will be available in the iCloud→Download Folder.
  8. Either File can manually be copied to another folder or Change Safari Download Folder through the Settings App.
  9. Saving to Camera Roll is Easy. Click the video. Click on Share and then Chose Save Video.

Alternative to Getvid

I don’t have any problem using gitvid. If you have one, then try its alternative Over 6 Million people use this website to download FB videos free. They have also created a Chrome extension that downloads a lot of videos from Facebook. It is a good alternative. is the number one video downloader. No matter from which website you want to save the video. Youtube, Instagram, FB, XVideos. You name it. For the android savefrom released official App. But iPhone rules of creating apps are different due to Apple privacy reasons. But iPhone users can use this website.

getfbstuff: Honestly, there is no significant difference. getfbstuff can allow users to download Insta DP and videos.  Desktop users can also download private videos. Another great alternative to getvid. The user interface is straight-forward like Paste the video URL and download your video.

How to Download Private Videos

The above method will work video privacy is public.  Downloading private videos is a bit complicated. You need a computer to save private videos. Follow steps given the following video to do it.

How to Save Messanger Story Video

The easiest way to save Messnager’s story is to use Screensrecorder. There is a default screens recorder available on the iPhone.

Here are steps to turn it on.

Go to Settings→Control centre→Customize controls

Scroll down and add Screen Recording By Pressing ➕Button.

Open Messanger and turn on the Recording from Controls. You will see the Screen recorder dot at the top of the screen.

Play the video. I mean view story. When done, click on time. It will save the story in Camera Roll. You can edit to remove small details like person name etc.


I hope you will get an answer to your question on how to download Facebook videos on the iPhone. On iPhone process is a bit complicated due to privacy reasons. On an Android smartphone, there are apps available in the play store.

If you use any other way that I did not list here, then let me know by the comment section. So other people can know about it. In case you have any queries or suggestions, leave a comment.

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