15 Things Android Can Do But iPhone Can’t 2020

There is no doubt that iOS is considered superior to Android due to its features such as security, Speed, Privacy, etc. Another cool thing is that it looks sexy. But despite these things, there are some features in the Android OS but not available on the iPhone.

Android Can Do But IOS CAN'T

These features are listed below. If you are someone who is planning to buy the latest iPhone then you should consider before investing money.

1. Remote Control

In almost all android phones IR (infrared) blaster is available. In case if you don’t then it is used to your LCDTv, air conditioner and more electronic devices. Basically your phone acts as Remote.

Off curse, you can control Apple Tv using iPhone but unlike Android, you can’t control any other apple device. A lot of users ignore this thing because although phones can do it still use default remote.

2. Split Screen Mode

In android phones had a split-screen feature. In case you don’t know using this you can use two apps at the same time as shown in the screenshot.Split screen on android


My Friends always use it when they want to chat with someone on WhatsApp and time want to listen to the song on youtube. By Default, youtube does not run the background. Unless you have a premium subscription.

Some use when they want to copy Text of an Image. If you use Split a lot then you are going to miss it in iPhone os IOS.

3. Record Phone Calls

In Android phones, we can make call recording which is a great feature but in iPhone this feature is unavailable. You probably thinking that why Apple does not include Call Recording. It is available in a $20 phone.call recording

Well, It is because of Privacy.  In some countries, it is a law that if you want to Record someone’s call then you should tell him in advance.

But if you want to Record Calls at any Condition then you can use some third-party apps. That you can download from the app store. But there are two problems with these apps.

  1. Apps are not Free:  Last time when I have check the app cost is around $54/year. Maybe for You, it may be not a big amount but in android, it is freely available.
  2. Call Recording: I told you that there is no default feature of call recording. So When you press the call recording button. Another call is made. Now your Call is a conference call. All then recording is done on their device. They sent back you when you want to get it. So Privacy questions. I don’t think so the company will look into your account with whom you are talking.

3. Hide Apps 

I see a lot of people who have some special app that you don’t want to show to others they hide using some third-party launchers. But the iPhone is the iPhone.

On the internet, you can find some ways to hide apps. But none of them is comparable with android. If you jailbreak your phone then off curse you can But it will void your warranty.

4. Apps from Anywhere

If you do everything you can do it then iPhone is not for you. Because all the Lifehacks apps are created for android. Sure, you can get most of these apps on iPhone if you jailbreak your phone.

iPhone sells because of two things

  1. Privacy
  2. Show OFF

Due to Privacy Apple does allow any random app to appear in the app store. For Users, the App store only places from where you can get free apps. I know about some third party stores like tutuapp But still, you can’t compare it with android apps.

Sure apps for basic functions are available in the IOS. But some Best Life Hacks like saving WhatsApp status, youtube video downloading apps, etc are available on android. It also means you will not able to use moded apps and paid apps for free.

Read How To Save WhatsApp Status On iPhone.

5. Customizability

CustomizabilityIf you used android for a long time then you know that much you can customize pretty much everything. Like

  1. Choose Default Apps
  2. Uninstall inbuilt apps
  3. Change Boot Animation

And a lot of other stuff.

In the play store, there are a lot of free Launchers available.  Users can change it’s default launcher to look like iPhone or Windows. On iPhone first of all Not a lot of options available. Those are available are not free to download. 

Side Note: Everything is possible in iOS with jailbreak.

6. Data Limit Alert

In Android, We can set data limits daily, weekly or monthly. This feature is very helpful because If we have data-limited then we can have it limited because sometimes if we don’t do this our balance will be lost but this feature is not available on iPhones. But like me, I think a lot of users can ignore this feature.

7. Expandable Memory

In today’s world, You can use Cloud to backup your data. I don’t think it is necessary for a phone to have expandable memory. In upcoming android phones, not every phone has expandable memory.NO Expandable Memory

But still, before buying the phone you should consider how much memory do you need. According to me, everyone should go with a 128 Gb Model.

8. Full USB Access

Android supports all USB tips such as charging, sharing all data into a phone to a personal computer as well as Pc to Phone. But the iPhone does not facilitate the sharing of all data, because doing so may break the phone’s security. Only photos and videos are shared with USB in iOS.

9. Battery Life

In android users have a lot of choices. Every company trying to sell products by creating one thing better than others. The battery is one of them. You will see in some android phones battery life is amazing.android battery

If you are someone who needs a long battery life then either go with android or carry Powerbank with you.

On the iPhone, if you have the latest one You will get a decent battery. I can use my iPhone 11 two days without charging it. My screen time is 2.5 hours a day. Android does not have a better battery but iPhone has good enough for the average human being.

I have found that older iPhones have less battery backup. 

10. No Headphone Jeck

I know that some High-end flagship phones also do not have a headphone jack. But still, a lot of phones do have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Do You know in 2016 with the launch of the iPhone 7 apple remove the headphone jack and introduce Apple AirPods? Apple made 8 billion just with Airpods. They created a solution to a problem that is created by Apple to make money.

Now a lot of companies are Copied Apple AirPods.

11. Multiple Users

Honestly, I don’t understand why Android has a feature of Multiple users. It is not a computer that will be used by more than 1 Person.

I don’t think that a normal person needs this thing. But for your knowledge, you should know it is not available in the IOS.

12. Default Apps

Apple has a default app for everything. You can use some third-party apps but you can’t change the default app. For example, let’s assume that you send me a website link on WhatsApp. It will open automatically in the Safari Browser which is the default.

13. No File Manager: Meaning No Cut, Rename, Copy 

File managerA few years back my friends used to hide photos/videos like create a folder and then a lot of subfolders inside it. But in these days phones have a feature of Hiding photos and Videos.

The IOS file system is different. All your Images/Videos Files will be available in the Photos App. Like we have a gallery in android. But you can View File Location and Move from one folder to another. On IOS You can’t do it.

There is one App Files Which is a Bit like a File manager. But in this app, there will few Folders available which are created by Apps. You can create your own Folder.

Any photo/Video available in this App will not appear in the Photos App.

14. No Draw Over Other Apps Meaning No Messanger Chat heads

In case you do not under what I’m talking about let me explain. You know while using phon if someone messages no WhatsApp a popup will appear on the phone screen as shown in the screenshot.android can do but ios can't

This amazing feature is not available in the IOS. Apple doesn’t do give this permission to Apps due to privacy reasons.

15. Support Bio-Metric Device 

I don’t know about your country Bu I have seen in India generally Sim cards are sell-through  By sell phones. They get a personal fingerprint on Bio-Metric Device.

Again no average person needs this thing. But I thought you should know about it.

16. App Sharing

Nowadays not a lot of users share apps through share it or any other apps. In android, your friend can send you an app that they have installed on his phone.

Back in the day, when mobile internet was not common I have seen a lot of people including me sharing apps from one smartphone to another android phone.

If you do this thing a lot then it not possible in IOS to share apps from one phone to another by using any random app. Use the internet to do it.


Maybe I miss some information But I think these are some big differences that everybody should know before switching from android to iPhone or vice versa.

I hope you liked the information. If you would also like to give your suggestions, feel free to comment in the comment box.

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