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About iHarinder.com

iHarinder Blog is a tech blog more focused on Apple Specific Products Only. So if you own any Apple products like iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch then this blog is for You.

If I did not publish an article that you are looking for you or you need some help with Apple devices then Contact us.

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Our Story: Don’t Read If you are expecting Rags to Rich Story

Harinderpreet Singh
I know you don’t like this picture but If you keep reading then probably you need to see me 😁

Hi, My Name is Harinderpreet Singh. Actually Few years I start a blog opentechinfo.com. It was a tech blog nothing related to apple. (I do not own it anymore I sell it)

Soon It starts earning Money. When it becomes successful I leave the College. Because it was my dream to become a College Dropout. So I focus was 100% on that blog.

Soon It becomes enough successful so I can afford Apple Products. Honestly, I don’t like Apple Products at that time very much. But I want to find out why People Bought Expensive Apple Products. So I bought the Apple Macbook Air and iPhone.

Now, I admit that Apple Products are worth its money. Soon I start falling in love with them. That’s how I start iHarinder. Actually Harinder is my name. My Full name is Harinderpreet Singh. But everybody calls me Harinder. I is derived from Apple Products. So It Became iHarinder.

About Harinderpreet Singh

Ordinary Person from India. Who Do Blogging Shit to Make Living. If you are reading this There Can Be Only three Reasons

  • Either you Really Like iHarinder Blog
  • Or You are my Competitor
  • Or You are Blogger who is Looking for How to Write  About us Page 😂

Either you Really Like iHarinder Blog: Thank You. I try to publish content mainly to help readers. Sometimes I got success in this. If you think I can make this Blog better Write at [email protected]

You are My Competitor:  This Niche is very competitive. Enter Only If you have really an interest in writing About Apple. This is My Dream Project. That’s Enough information I thought.

You are Blogger who is Looking for How to Write  About us Page 😂: Go Ahead and Copy Paste But don’t forget to Replace Your name, domain and info about Niche.